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Dear Heritage Place Owners & Residents:
On March 12, 2015, the Exective Board for Heritage Place Condominiums unanimously approved final amendments to the community Bylaws that were prepared by the Association’s attorney, Richard Franta.  There were no changes to the Bylaws that require the approval of the Membership.
This notification is meant to explain and review changes with all of the owners/association members and current residents of the community. To access a full copy of the amended Bylaws, please click here.
If you’re unable to view or obtain the full version on the website you can request a copy be mailed to you by contacting the Property Manager at (302) 425-0250 ext. 4
The following changes to the Code of Regulations are summarized below. We recommend you review the full version:
Article II Section 5 - Voting
Summary:  Under certain circumstances, Owner's voting rights shall be allowed by mail.  If the Board elects to hold an Owner's Vote by mail and an Owner does not return his or her Ballot, then such Ballot will be counted as a vote “Against” the Resolution unless the Council has included a specific suggestion or Recommendation, in which case that unreturned Ballot will be considered voting with the Council, per their Recommendation, which can either be a vote “for” or “against” the Resolution.   
Article III Sections 1, 3, 4, 6, 7- Number and Qualification of Council Members, Term of Office, Removal of Members of the Council, Vacancies and Nominating Committee
Summary:  Introduces an Oath of Office/Code of Ethics for all Council Members; reduces the required number of Council Members to three (3); provides staggered terms of service to two (2) years; establishes basic Council Member qualifications and guidelines as well as a means to remove Council Members should those requirements not be met; prohibits anyone who is not in good standing from being a Council Member; establishes a "Nominating Committee" for future Council Member nominees and provides guidelines for filling a vacancy on the Council.
Article VI Section 3, 8, 9- Collection of Delinquent Assessments
Summary:  All Assessments are charged on an "Annual" basis established by the Annual Operating Budget. As a courtesy to Owners, payments are normally required on a monthly basis, however, if any Owner becomes delinquent the Board reserves the right to accelerate and demand payment for the remainder of the year (not only the amounts past due) according to this acceleration amendment and will constitute a lien against the unit.
Article VII Section 1, 5, 8- Use and Maintenance of the Property, Rights of Access to Units; Inspections; Repairs and Costs and Leases of Units - Exhibit B - Mandatory Addendum to New Leases
Summary:  Owners are required to maintain their Unit in such a manner to prevent any damages to common property or to other homes in the community.  This includes maintaining electric service, water and heating service.  If an Owner fails to do so and/or damages result to any Common Area or another Owner's Unit, the Board can assess monetary damages to the Owner and maintains the right to establish these services at the owner’s cost.  If a Unit appears to be vacant and/or abandoned the Council reserves the right to enter the unit in order to inspect the area or to make necessary repairs to prohibit damage to common elements or to other homes.   Transient Rentals are prohibited and Rentals of Units will be limited to two rental transactions per year - a penalty will be imposed on Owners in violation. The Annual Registration of Rentals is required. A mandatory addendum to all new leases is included and any owner not in compliance will be charged a violation assessment. The changes reinforce the Association’s right to collect rent directly from a tenant in the case of a delinquent owner.
Article VIII Section 3- Property Insurance and Owner Accountability
Summary:  Should damages occur to the common elements or to a neighboring unit due to the occurrence of a loss originating in a unit the subject unit owner will be responsible for the costs to the Association or neighboring unit for repairs including the cost of any insurance deductible.
Article XI Section 1- Notices
Summary: Going forward all notices shall be provided to owners and mortgagees (when applicable) via regular mail to the address on file and may from time to time post notices to the community website.
These amendments may be reconsidered at a properly convened and duly constituted special meeting of the membership upon petition by 33% of the members in good standing (Code of Regulations - Article II, Section 2.), with a certified quorum (40% of members) and a majority vote (greater than 50%)   
1) The Board also approved a new Rule that prohibits any Owner from owning or having an interest in more than two (2) Units at a time.  Note – this rule does not affect current owners who may own two or more units. This rule applies only to new owners or future changes in ownership.  
2) New rules will not be required to be recorded at the registry of deeds.
3) No Smoking Policy
4) Grievance Procedure
If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager, Tabitha Palmer at Manager@HeritagePlaceCondominiums.com or by phone at 302-435-0250 ext. 4.
September 18, 2014
Dear Heritage Place Condominium Owners,
We are pleased to announce that your community’s Board of Directors has selected Conway Management Group, LLC to manage your Community. Our company specializes in full service property management. We will be providing your Condominium Association with financial, asset, and maintenance management as of September 22, 2014.
After September 22, 2014 all payments and correspondence should be sent to the following address:
Heritage Place Condominiums
C/O Conway Management Group, LLC
914 N. Walnut Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Please make sure all checks are made out to Heritage Place Condominiums or they will be returned and may be charged a late fee as a result. Also, note the address of your home somewhere on your check so that payments can be applied appropriately. Online payments will be available and accessible after you receive your first invoice on September 25th.
The property manager responsible for your community is Tabitha Palmer. Tabitha has over 10 years of property management experience and has excelled as a Property Manager for Conway Management Group, LLC. All phone correspondence should be directed to Tabitha at 302-425-0250 extension 713.
All after hour emergency calls (common area fire, flood, and electrical) between the hours of 5:00 PM and 8:30 AM Monday through Friday and all Weekends and Holidays should be directed to our on-call maintenance department at 302-463-3524. Please call the main office for all non-emergency maintenance issues.
We look forward to professionally managing your community effectively, efficiently, and conservatively. If you have any questions please contact Tabitha Palmer at the number listed above. Thank you.
James R. Conway, CPM